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QWhat is the Bow Valley Chamber of Commerce?
AThe Bow Valley Chamber of Commerce is a leading member-based business organization in the Bow Valley that works on behalf of its members to advance business interests with the goal of creating a vibrant, sustainable business community. All activities conducted by the Chamber including its advocacy initiatives and the business support it provides through programs, events and professional development workshops are a means to achieve this main objective.
QWhat is the legal structure of the Bow Valley Chamber of Commerce?
AThe Chamber was incorporated on the 8th November, 2016 as a Not-For-Profit Society in accordance with the Alberta Societies Act.
QWhat is the geographic coverage of the Chamber?
AThe Chamber covers the area from Lake Louise to the western border of Cochrane including the communities of Banff, Canmore, Exshaw, Deadman's Flats and Kananaskis. This geographic area was mandated by the Alberta Chambers of Commerce, the provincial federation of Chambers of Commerce.
QHow are the activities of the Chamber funded?
AThe Chamber's core operations are funded by annual membership fees and other revenue generating activities including sponsorship and advertising revenues.
QWho runs the Chamber?
AThe Chamber is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the members from the membership. The Board, serving as volunteers, sets the overall vision and supporting objectives of the organization. The Chamber employs staff to execute the Chamber's vision, goals and objectives.
QWhat is the benefit of being a Chamber member?

Membership represents a business investment in your organization that is a leading Voice for Business in the Bow Valley. The Chamber has the ability to be a catalyst for positive change by representing the interests of its members in discussions with all parties, both inside and outside the local area, and particularly with local, provincial and federal governments.

In addition, membership is the key that opens the door to a variety of value added programs that support business including the Chamber Group Insurance Plan (Extended Health & Dental, short & long term disability coverage etc), discounted merchant services, networking and professional development opportunities. These value added programs have the potential to generate savings that far exceed the cost of membership.

QHow does the Chamber select service providers and suppliers?

Wherever possible, quotes are solicited from the business community.

The selection process involves the ability of each provider to:

Deliver services and supplies of the highest standard and quality

Have demonstrated expertise

Provide competitive pricing

QHow can I obtain more information about the Chamber?
AContact the Chamber office at to arrange an appointment.
QHow do I apply to become a Member?

To register as a member of the Chamber, a membership application form must be completed and submitted to the Chamber together with full payment of the annual membership fee. Chamber membership is subject to approval from the Chamber Board of Directors.

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QWhat is the price of Membership?

The Membership Dues schedule can be found here. New Members are subject to a one-time administration fee of $25.00. This fee will be waived for future membership renewals after one full year of membership. Payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, Cheques and Cash.

Chamber membership dues are income tax deductable as a business expense.

QWhat is the term of my Membership?
AThe Membership term starts on the day your Dues are processed for payment and continue for twelve months.


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