How does membership work?

Membership is a business investment – a tax deductible investment with a strong value proposition.

Your annual Chamber membership fee is based on the number of full time employees within your organization.

Chamber membership enables your staff to also access the benefits of membership including events, educational opportunities, workshops and participation in the affinity and Group Insurance programs, as well as so much more.

Company Membership Annual Dues

One-Time Enrollment Fee of $30 for New Members


1 Owner/Operator

1 OWNER Signup 


2 to 5 Full-Time Employees

2-5 Employee Signup


6 to 10 Full-Time Employees

6-10 Employee Signup


11 to 20 Full-Time Employees

11-20 Employee Signup


21 to 50 Full-Time Employees

21-50 Employee Signup


51 to 100 Full-Time Employees

51-100 Employee Signup


101 to 999 Full-Time Employees

101-999 Employee Signup


1000+ Full-Time Employees

1000+ Employee Signup

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Join in and share your voice in support of the Bow Valley business community!

The Chamber Business Directory provides me with a very cost-effective way to further promote my business and product line in my local community and beyond.

Carole BeatonCarole Beaton Owner/Operator An Edible Life

My affordable Membership provides me with the programs and support I need to grow my new business venture in the community I love to live in.

Erica RolesErica Roles Owner