"How To Price Your Product Or Service To Make Most Money and Give your Customer Everything They Need" - Oct 2

Event date: 10/2/2019 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM Export event Export event


Everyone who says "I'm not making enough money in my business" thinks to do two things:

Lower their prices to avoid sales lost to competition


Raise their prices in an effort to make more margin & therefor profit.


This workshop will go over the pitfalls of both and teach you how to raise the level of your offerings and take the customer's focus off of price.

From how we name and describe our products and services, to how many we have on our menu/wall or offer sheet, this workshop will 

provide real life examples of how to:

  • Price a product or service to attract the most coveted "A" level customers
  • Avoid and understand the dangers of discounting
  • Rename and describe products or services to allow for maximum margin sales
  • Choose and evaluate products or services to provide a higher value to the customer and therefore have more profit potential.

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