Canmore Health and Wellness Festival
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Canmore Health and Wellness Festival


Canmore Health and Wellness Festival

Theme: “Mind, Body and Spirit”

A Celebration of Health & Wellness Practices in the Bow Valley

As a member of the health and wellness community in Canmore, you are invited to participate in this exciting event that is planned to take place in October 2018.

In February, the Chamber’s Festival Steering Committee hosted a presentation to share the vision for the Festival with the members of the health and wellness community. For those of you unable to attend, the presentation summary has been posted on the Canmore Health and Wellness Practitioners Facebook group.  Here’s the link to join the group and to view the presentation:

The Festival envisions showcasing all the health and wellness services and opportunities the Canmore community has to offer. As a community that places health and wellness as a high priority, we are well positioned to grow this already established sector of our economy that is identified as having a high potential for growth and diversification.

Our goal is to bring the vibrant health and wellness community together to collaborate in the creation of a successful world-class Festival that aligns the health and wellness vision of Canmore as the benchmark for a successful collaborative model of health and wellness for other communities.

Festival Funding Model:

Estimated Cost $50,000; funded by….

  •           H&W Sector Sponsorships     $10,000 (see sponsorship sheet)
  •           Town of Canmore Grant            10,000 (matched funds)
  •           Provincial CIP Grant                  20,000 (matched funds)
  •           Corporate Sponsorships           10,000

                                          Total                $50,000


The funds contributed by the H&W Sector Sponsorships will be deposited directly into a Trust Fund Account, independently managed on your behalf by a local lawyer or accountant.  These funds will provide the basis for the Chamber of Commerce to make the applications to the Town of Canmore & the Province for Grants requiring qualifying “matching funds” from the H&W sector.

The deadline for the submissions for the Town of Canmore Community Event Grant application is April 30th and May 15th for the Provincial CIP Grant application.  The Festival Steering Committee has a goal for the H&W Sector Sponsorship funds, in the sum of $10,000, to be deposited in the Trust Fund Account by April 20th.

In the event that the Grant applications & Corporate Sponsorship funding are unsuccessful, all the H&W Sector Sponsorship Funds will be released from the Trust Fund Account and repaid direct to each Sponsor by the Account manager.

Many people have asked what is planned for the Festival. First of all, the Festival is a community initiative. When we receive the support for the Festival to move forward, the Steering Committee will reach out to the health and wellness practitioners and businesses for their ideas. That being said, we have lots of great ideas already, here’s just a few of them:

  1. Big Name Keynote Speaker to kick off the Festival. (perhaps one of the many Olympians that call Canmore home?)
  2. Free workshops/seminars/classes featuring all that Canmore has to offer – biking, hiking, different therapies, mind/body medicine, healthy food….
  3. Health Expo
  4. Amazing Race style scavenger hunt for people/families to go to the different health and wellness businesses around town to find a clue that they will need to find and answer to a health-related question to do with Canmore.
  5. Healthy Cooking classes
  6. A mini outdoor spa with a sauna and hot tub, waterfall and cold dipping pool with hammocks and fireside relaxation spaces.
  7. Mindfulness/Meditation experiences on the mountain top
  8. Community Yoga and Meditation sessions.

Another question that has been raised is the name for the Festival. H&W sector Sponsors that sign up for the Festival will have the opportunity to make suggestions and vote on the name for the Festival. Suggested names so far are:

Thrive, Flourish, Flow, Rocky Mountain Health Festival, LIVE, Vibrant You, Refresh

There are some amazing Sponsorship opportunities for you to support the Festival. These are outlined in the Sponsorship Sheet you received together with this document.

We look forward to your participation in this exciting opportunity!!

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