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COVID-19: Important Information For You & Your Business

Open For Business? 

Open for business? Check out the Canmore Business Directory in the Town of Canmore's Business Hub! Want to add your business to the directory?  Click HERE to submit your information.  Need to update your listing? Email with "Open For Business" in the subject line.

BVCC Support: below are some of the COVID-19 initiatives from the BVCC  to support you and your business

  • We have offered POST COVID-19: Thriving In The New Normal: An interactive webinar series that focuses on important information and tools for your business during COVID-19.
  • The BVCC has upped the frequency of our informative newsletter since the pandemic started to keep our members up to date. If you would like to read past issues or subscribe, please visit the "News" section on the BVCC website.
  • We initiated the FanSaves Helps gift card program for BVCC members.
  • The BVCC and the Town of Canmore have started the Bow Valley Restart Fund (BVRF). The BVRF provides grants for local Bow Valley businesses that are facing unforeseen costs due to the sudden nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. We intend to help as many Bow Valley businesses as possible based on the contributions we receive to help those who need it the most by awarding grants of up to $5,000.00.
  • We partnered with BOWDA, CanSign Inc., and Town of Canmore to initiate a Support Local Campaign. Please follow the BVCC's Facebook and Instagram pages to view all campaign content and us the hashtags #SupportLocalCanmore, #SupportLocalBanff & #BuyItInTheBow to participate.
  • We have moved forward, in partnership with the Town of Canmore and Bow Valley College, with the SMARTstart program to support business growth development in our community. The program launched on September 17, 2020.
  • The BVCC continues to work with Alberta Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business to advocate on issues that mater the most right now during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • We have been working directly with the Town of Canmore on the Committee to Reopen Canmore to ensure a safe and steady return to business for our community.
  • We offered Virtual Bevvies & Business for our members to network and socialize safely in the midst of the pandemic.

How to help your employees access the right COVID-19 income support benefits?

The Bow Valley Immigration Partnership has compiled awesome information on how to assist your employees with the support needed in accessing COVID-19 support benefits. To view the info visit

Town of Canmore Support

Town of Canmore Business Support Hub

Check out the Town of Canmore's Economic Development Office Business Support Hub. Tools an information such as financial resources and webinars are updated often and you can also sign up for the TOC Business Newsletter for the latest COVID-19 updates through the support hub.

Banff Support

Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP)

Property owners in Banff who are on the monthly payment plan have the option to suspend their monthly contributions until the annual deadline on June 30, 2020.

In addition, people participating in the property tax installment payment plan may also request to be refunded the first three months of payments in 2020 (January, February and March).

For more info email

Government of Alberta Support

Alberta Biz Connect 

View GOA's Re-Launch Strategy HERE.

The Government of Alberta has created a resource offering guidance and clarity on temporary workplace rules to help Alberta business owners manage the rapidly changing conditions caused by COVID-19. Read more HERE.

The Government of Alberta has provided supports such as deferrals for:

  • Corporate Income Tax
  • WCB Payments
  • Utility Payments

Federal Government of Canada Support

Details on federal supports and how to apply

The Federal Government of Canada continues to update and provide information on support for businesses and self employed individuals.

Click HERE for a Federal Financial Support Overview 

CCC - The Canadian Chamber of Commerce 

Details on the CCC's Business Resilience Network

In partnership with the Government of Canada, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce established the Canadian Business Resilience Network to help Canadian businesses navigate the COVID-19 reality and prepare for recovery. They highlight public and private sector programs and initiatives across Canada that support businesses and their employees.

The CCC also provides informative and clear publications on information as it comes out and is updated.

View all CCC publications 

ACC - The Alberta Chambers of Commerce 

A list of useful links is available on the Alberta Chambers of Commerce home page.

The ACC also has a collection of reliable news releases and updates HERE. Additionally, you can join their news letter to received the ACC updates via email.

CFIB - Canadian Federation for Independent Business

Details on CFIB resources for small business

The CFIB is a great resource for information for your business. Through the CFIB website you have access to webinars, templates, & petitions. Additionally, the CFIB is a awesome force for advocating for small business and they spearheaded the wage subsidy increase from 10-75%.

The CFIB has complied FAQ's and answers on:

  • Business Continuity
  • Financial Support & How to Apply
  • EI & Employee Income
  • Employee Management
  • Fraud & Business Security
  • Health & Safety