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November 2, 2023 Business Excellence Awards 

Bow Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards

The Bow Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards will be held on November 2 2023. More details to come in the coming months. Please check back here, and check out our monthly newsletters, social media for updates on registration, sponsorship, and more!

The Business Excellence Awards is a chance to recognize the accomplishments and hard work of businesses throughout the Bow Valley.

Feb 17 - Congrats Winners

Congratulations to the Winners of the

2021 Business Excellence Awards!

Customer Service
An Edible Life 

BVS Canada

Community Impact
Bow Valley Credit Union

Bow Valley Business of the Year
Wolfe Canmore

**More info about the winners below**

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Congratulations 2021 Customer Service Award Winner!

The Customer Service award recognizes a Bow Valley business that has shown extraordinary commitment to customer service and care.

Congratulations to An Edible Life for winning the 2021 Customer Service Award!

Since the very beginning of the pandemic, Carole at An Edible Life hasn't missed a beat! She has gone above and beyond to serve our local businesses and residents in the Bow Valley.

At the beginning of the pandemic, she delivered much-needed meals when everyone was told to stay home. She also continued delivering to those who had to self-isolate or were too vulnerable to leave the house. Carole quickly adapted her shop protocols to keep everyone safe and she has not only continued to supply her in-store customers with their usual favorites but also kept local cafes and retailers supplied with the goodies and convenient meals the Bow Valley has come to know and love.

Congratulations to Carole who deserves recognition for working tirelessly (most times single handedly without staff assistance) to craft healthy and delicious meals for everyone to enjoy! The Bow Valley can count on Carole and An Edible Life to deliver awesome customer service and a welcoming experience every time they visit the Kananaskis Way location.

Cheers to you and entrepreneurship Carole and An Edible Life!

The Customer Service Award is Sponsored by: FFG Solutions

FFG Solutions is an independently owned and operated family business. They are focused on bringing you, and those important to you, business and health solutions that ensure financial security in the face of adversity and bring you peace of mind. FFG Solutions will consult to help you find the right combination of tailored insurance coverage to meet your goals and objectives. FFG Solutions support their clients in the management of their Employee Benefits Plans and are committed to assisting with attracting quality people, as well as improving employee satisfaction and retention, thus reducing employer costs. Plus, FFG Solutions is the BVCC's Chambers Plan Group Insurance advisor. Contact FFG Solutions today for a FREE quote!

Congratulations 2021 Innovation Award Winner!

The Innovation Award recognizes a Bow Valley business that has done their best by pivoting and adapting to the everchanging business operations throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Congratulations to BVS Canada for winning the 2021 Innovation Award!

When COVID-19 hit BVS Canada quickly advanced (or pivoted as we now like to say!) to develop a range of digital safety offerings to help their clients and support other businesses that stayed operational throughout the pandemic.

They created the BVS Digital App to allow contractors to sign in digitally to construction sites limiting surface contact - because of that there there was no need to use the old paper sign in sheet and share pens! The app also had health screening questions to provide the contract tracing needed to minimize risk of transmission in the workplace. The app then expanded to digital eHazard Assessments, fall protection plans, and harness inspections. All the forms usually completed on paper were now conveniently available on the app.

The BVCC is proud to recognize the innovation that BVS Canada demonstrated to quickly and effectively build their app which has been adopted and become invaluable to their clients.

Cheers to you and entrepreneurship Sandra and your team at BVS Canada!

The Innovation Award is Sponsored by: Bow Valley Credit Union

For The Bow Valley Credit Union (BVCU), banking with purpose means connecting values with finances. BVCU's values include cooperation, integrity, innovation, service, inclusion, and citizenship.

The Bow Valley Credit Union is deeply committed to the community and their members, so much so that members are at the centre of everything they do. It is woven into their DNA to provide a responsive, friendly, and effective means to financial security. The Bow Valley Credit Union will continue working towards financial fitness while supporting strong local communities.


Congratulations 2021 Community Impact Award Winner!

The Community Impact Award recognizes a Bow Valley business that has demonstrated outstanding commitment and involvement in its support of arts and culture, amateur sports, education, and volunteer groups within the Bow Valley.

Congratulations to the Bow Valley Credit Union for winning the 2021 Community Impact Award!

Without a doubt the Bow Valley Credit Union is dedicated to delivering ongoing support to their members and the communities that they are located in such as Canmore and Banff. This 100% locally owned and operated organization strives to connect with our community every year by providing not only financial support but a helping hand!

Here are just a few of the many organizations that the Bow Valley Credit Union have supported through financial services, donations, and volunteer support in 2021:

  • Canmore Highland Games
  • Canmore Golf & Curling Club
  • Rocky Mountain Curling
  • Canmore Rotary Club Charitable Foundation
  • Bow Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Banff Child Care Centre
  • Canmore Minor Soccer Club
  • Pine Tree Players
  • Bow Valley Victim Services
  • Community Safety Net

In addition to financial and volunteer support, the staff at the Canmore and Banff branches are community advocates! They provide shopping & restaurant recommendations to visitors, support local events by spreading the word & engaging members, and assist in creating that tight knit community feel we all know and cherish.

Cheers to you and entrepreneurship Bow Valley Credit Union!

The Community Impact Award is Sponsored by: Community Futures Centre West & McElhanney

Community Futures Centre West is a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to building an economically diverse future for the communities of our beautiful region.

Staffed by seasoned business professionals, and guided by a volunteer Board of Directors, they are more than just a business lender. With over 30 years of experience helping rural entrepreneurs grow and thrive as small business owners, they understand where you are now, and where you want to go in the future. Additionally, Community Futures Centre West's services for small businesses are designed to help Centre West region residents start, grow, expand, franchise, or sell their business.

McElhanney's local Canmore team is a diverse group of engineers, surveyors, and urban planners. In addition to land development and municipal engineering, McElhanney also provides services unique to the mountainous region we live in. These include mechanical and structural engineering for the ski industry and trail design services. Have you taken your mountain bike on the High Rockies Trail? Ridden one of the many lifts at Lake Louise? Or navigated the roads in Spring Creek Mountain Village? If so, you’ve experienced the handiwork of McElhanney!

Congratulations 2021 Bow Valley Business of the Year Award Winner!

Congratulations to Wolfe Canmore for winning the 2021 Bow Valley Business of the Year Award!

Since taking over the GM dealership in Canmore, the Wolfe Automotive group has gone above and beyond for their employees, customers, and our community.  The dealership continues to grow while making a positive impact throughout the Bow Valley through the Wolfe Pack Warriors foundation. The Foundation represents the philanthropic efforts of the automotive group, and its goal is to reinvest in our community and amplify the work being done by local charities.

A list of local charities that the wolf Pack Warriors supported in 2021 are:

  • Rocky Mountain Adaptive
  • The Palliative Care Society of the Bow Valley
  • Canmore & Area Health Care Foundation
  • Bow Valley Food Bank
  • Bow Valley Christmas Spirit Campaign
  • Crossway Community Thrift Store Backpack Program
  • Canadian Rockies Public School Board with books going to Exshaw
  • Food for Friends, and
  • The Banff Canmore Community Foundation

Currently the Wolfe Pack Warriors Foundation is helping to raise awareness about "Project All In", which focuses on starting conversations about mental wellness with first responders and frontline workers. The mission of the initiative is to honour the core values of: Goals, Gratitude, Strength, and Sacrifice.  Project All In provides tools and opportunities for First Responders and Frontline Workers to begin the path towards healing and recovery.

It is highly commendable that Wolfe Canmore invests and supports our community through creative initiatives while solidly positioning our local economy through new and pre-owned vehicle sales. For that we would like to congratulate Wolfe Canmore as 2021 Bow Valley Business of the Year!

Cheers to you and entrepreneurship Harrison and the team at Wolfe Canmore!

The Bow Valley Business of the Year Award is Sponsored by: The Rotary Club of Canmore

- This award recognizes a Bow Valley business that has been established for more than three years, has demonstrated professional integrity, financial stability, and plays a leading role in solidly positioning the Bow Valley marketplace.

Founded in 1991, the Rotary Club of Canmore has raised more than one million dollars to support a wide variety of local and international projects - each serving to raise the profile of Canmore internationally, as well as help individuals and local community groups tackle activities which contribute to the quality of life in the Bow Valley and in many communities in developing countries.

6 Reasons Why Nominating a Local Business for a 2022 Business Excellence Award is so Important:

  1. Community Support 

Elevating local business is about creating a community which helps promote and support local spending. By asking the public and other local business owners to support local businesses through nominations, they will help raise awareness of local businesses and the reasons why the business was nominated for an award.

  1. Increased Awareness 

The 2021 Business Excellence Awards expect a group of 200 people, this does not include the 400 + people on the newsletter database and the hundreds of followers on social media channels. Increased awareness can only further promote local businesses. Being nominated will help get local businesses information and offerings out there - and the best part? It's FREE!

  1. Bringing New Business

Awards are a great way to expand awareness of local businesses. The media attention can bring local businesses new customers locally and province-wide! The whole point of creating awareness is for local businesses is to gain new customers and increase local spending.

  1. Motivating

Winning an award is a team effort and being part of that winning team will give staff and business owners something to be proud of. Taking time to look at what local businesses have achieved can make you feel proud and motivated for the future. It's a reason to celebrate and push for a resilient local economic recovery!

  1. Peer Validation

The public and other local business owners are encouraged to nominate Bow Valley businesses in the following categories: Community Impact, Customer Service, Innovation, and Bow Valley Business of the Year.

  1. A Great Experience!

And our final reason? It’s a great experience with a chance to celebrate and support local businesses!

It's been tough for local businesses as the covid-19 pandemic has put stress and pressure on business operations. With the 2021 Business Excellence Awards celebration planned for February 16, 2022, businesses from all around the Bow Valley are now able to gather and celebrate their achievements. Join us in this exciting celebration!

Cheers to you and entrepreneurship!

Mayor Krausert 2022 BEA Statement
Mayor DiManno 2022 BEA Statement
MLA Rosin 2022 BEA Statement JPEG
Premier Kenney 2022 BEA Statement JPEG

2021 Business Excellence Awards Beverage Sponsor

2021 Business Excellence Awards Media Sponsors

The 2021 Business Excellence Awards Premier Media Sponsor is the Rocky Mountain Outlook!

In 2001 the Rocky Mountain Outlook opened its doors and its pages as a community newspaper dedicated to covering the Bow Valley and the people who live here.  Much like you, we have survived floods, fires and a pandemic because of the shared spirit and energy we enjoy as a strong and diverse business community.  From the generations owned businesses to the new start-ups, we are proud to be a community partner and a trusted source of community news. We love to share your message and tell your stories to the  hundreds of thousands of dedicated readers who pick up a newspaper or visit us online each month.

BIG THANKS to the Town of Canmore for supporting the 2021 Business Excellence Awards!


2021 Business Excellence Awards Community Sponsors

2023 Business Excellence Awards Gala Sponsorship Opportunities Are Available!

Sponsors of the BVCC Business Excellence Awards Gala will take advantage of a unique and distinguished opportunity to associate their businesses with the very best in the Bow Valley. Sponsorship of this event is an excellent investment, with the opportunity to increase the profile of your business and to support our community. Our sponsors are an essential and extremely visible part of the event. Sponsorship will provide exposure to 200+ business owners and operators from the Bow Valley. Position your organization as a supporter of local business, extend the reach of your organization and capitalize on the events’ gathering of key industry players! Contact us today for more info about available sponsorship opportunities!