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Small Business Week

October 19 - 23 2020

From October 19th to October 23rd, 2020, thousands of small business owners across Canada come together to celebrate, learn, and network with other entrepreneurs. For more info check out all the BVCC's Small Business Week 2020 indicatives below. Additionally, you can visit the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) Small Business Week website to find out some info on other events close by!

Small and medium-sized businesses are the foundation of the Canadian economy, accounting for 99% of all businesses. In 2015, SME's employed approximately 10.5 million Canadians in the private sector. It is important that we take the time to recognize their successes and recommend helpful tools and resources to help them thrive!

Support local businesses in the Bow Valley! For every $100 you spend at locally owned businesses, $68 will stay in the community.

Cheers to you and entrepreneurship! 

Quickbooks Online (QBO) Full Day Interactive Training Session for Small Business Owners

Every small business owner needs to keep track of their finances...But are you working the most efficient way possible? Are you curious about the buzz around cloud accounting and apps? In this one-day interactive training session you will get an inside look at how the world of managing small business finances has evolved and what you can do to ensure you're not wasting your precious time.

You will learn how to:

-Gain a better hands on experience in QBO

-Explore the fundamentals of working in QBO

-Learn to manage your business finances anywhere in the cloud

-Learn how to pay bills; collect money; run reports; review company performance; set up customers, vendors, products, and services; record transactions; reconcile bank statements; and pay GST.

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Thank you everyone for your business tips! Action Edge Business Coaching, Carmella Consulting, Kristy Wolfe Photography, Marten Street Media, Mountain Events Rentals, Suzie Q Dance Band, The Bear Minimum, The First Step To Freedom, Thread Station, Trish Tutton Speaker & Mindfulness Expert, and Valbella Gourmet Foods.

#1 "The most important business tip that I can provide is something that all entrepreneurs talk about, but rarely pay attention to when it’s crunch time:

Make sure you take care of yourself AND your business. Family comes first.

In our endless quest for great customer service and building a strong business for our employees, it’s easy to lose sight of your family and your health.  COVID has really highlighted this for me.  It’s an easy trap to fall into - put things on the back burner, skip a workout, work through the weekend, stay up late looking at numbers, checking emails during family movie night, miss a family dinner to finish a couple quotes...

If you are not at your best mentally & physically, you can’t expect to give the business or your employees your best.  And if you’re sacrificing your home life, what is the point of running your own business anyway?"

Jeff Langer-McIntosh - "In Charge of Awesome Stuff" - Mountain Event Rentals

#2 "My number one business tip is to take the time to make connections with new people. Say hello to someone you don't know. Invite someone you recently met for coffee or a walk. Join a networking group. Some of the most interesting business opportunities that have come my way were from a tangent in a conversation. Everyone you meet has a story and it's amazing to learn just how much we are all connected." 

Kristy Wolfe - Photographer // Educator // Speaker // Author - Kristy Wolfe Photography

#3 "Try not to overthink or over-plan a new idea, sometimes the best way to figure it out is to just go for it and work out the details as you go.  Work tightly with your customers, especially when mistakes happen.  Be genuine and honest and always follow through with great customer service, people are generally very understanding if they see that you are doing everything you can to rectify a situation.  A smile goes a long way!"

Chantal von Rotz - Owner - Valbella Gourmet Foods

#4 "The biggest suggestion I could make to any business owner is to work daily on your mindset. As a small business owner my mindset is everything. It impacts the way I show up for my clients, my ability to have powerful sales calls, my willingness to try new things in my business, and to continue to grow without getting stuck in my setbacks. 

The state of your mind can make or break your business. As the famous quote by Henry Ford goes, "whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right." 

By working on my mindset daily I have achieved some incredible things in my career, and I know that if I continue to prioritize my mindset, there's nothing I can't do." 

Trish Tutton  - Speaker and Mindfulness Expert

#5 "Did you know that your Google my Business listing is probably the most important driver of local traffic to your business? Your Google My Business listing is what shows up on search pages and in Google Maps. And while having a website is still important, the majority of customers now make decisions to visit businesses based solely on this listing alone. If you are a small business owner, make sure you take control of your listing and keep it updated, and also start asking customers to leave you reviews on Google. It’s free, and also one of the most effective advertising strategies around."

Jess McNally - Owner - Marten Street Media

"My small business tip is to be MADx5 = Massive Action Daily focusing solely on the 5 elements you can control in order to grow your business.

  1. Amount of Leads
  2. Conversion rate %
  3. Average # of Transactions
  4. Average $ sale
  5. Margin %

As a small increase of 10% on each will yield a 61% increase in profit. Compound growth isn't only for investment account. Become MADx5 :-)"

Sophie Riendeau - Executive Coach & Sales Strategy Advisor- Action Edge Business Coaching & Training

"Every business problem is solved by process. Regardless if your problem is sales, subscriptions, people, or your marketing. If you dig deep enough you will find that you lack process. Start by identifying where the breakdown is happening and then build the process to function optimally. We use Lucidchart to visually map out processes into flow charts. 

Working with a business coach has allowed Carmella to develop robust processes and automated scheduling to solve just about every problem in our business." 

Stephanie O'Brien - President - Carmella Consulting


"Here is my "small business tip" submission. A simple (but effective) one based on my 25+ years doing business in the Bow Valley.

Have you noticed that the demographic of your customer base is aging?

Their eyesight is aging as well, and many folks have trouble reading our business cards.

So... over the years I have been marginally increasing the font size when I re-print our cards. Older people can easily read them without having to look over their glasses for a close up, or having to hold the card at arms length.

Simple, effective, it works!"

Jon Frolick - Musician - Suzie Q Dance Band

"Always invest back into your community.  If not financially, with volunteered time."

Heather Johnson - Owner - The Bear Minimum

"My biggest tip for business owners that have experienced anxiety or stress during COVID-19 is to practice deep breathing on a daily basis. 

Often when people feel anxious, they breathe from the chest.  This encourages short, sharp breaths which tightens the muscles that help you breath, restricting the breath so you begin to breathe faster.  This can lead to feeling out of breath, and can worsen the anxiety and encourage panic attacks.

However, if you breathe lower into the stomach, under the diaphragm, you activate your parasympathetic nervous system which encourages rest and relaxation.  This calms the body down, reducing stress and anxiety.  It can also reduce pain, enhance the body’s immune system and increase energy.  Breathing below the diaphragm also increases blood flow and slows your heart rate, making it easier to fall asleep and have a more restful night’s sleep.  And as we know, sleep rejuvenates our bodies, giving us energy and good feelings for the next day.  

So my number 1 tip would be to practice deep breathing, below the diagram, on a daily basis to increase health and wellness, and reduce anxiety and stress during this pandemic."

Michelle Davis - Owner & Cognitive Hypnotherapist - The First Step to Freedom

Thread Station

"The small business advice I would offer is a twist on the golden rule: ‘treat others the way they wish to be treated.’ In business, it is so easy to think that as an owner you ‘know what's right’ which is absolutely true. But only for YOU. Customer service is the singular most important part of business and taking a customer-first approach, ensuring they are treated how they wish is paramount to success. Take the time, invest in your customers, go above and beyond for them, and always ensure to follow this twist on the golden rule! The results will be happy customers with great things to say about your business and exceptional customer service." 

Eev Blake  - Owner - Thread Station Screen Printing LTD. 

Small Business Week 2020 Bow Valley Business Features!